but not always succeeding to..

..enjoy each day to the fullest and cherish my one on one time with my only child.
..accomplish one thing each day that requires getting off the couch and leaving the house.
..ignore the aches and pains (oh, the pains).
..stay away from birth club message boards on the internet where women who are due two weeks after me are complaining about night feedings, sore boobs, lack of sleep. (I should get to complain first).
..give others some slack. No one can be as perfect as I would like them to be.
..keep my “horror”mones in check.
..enjoy cooking fancy meals and our sit down dinners together, knowing that they will be a distant memory soon.
.. stop reading induction horror stories on the internet (darn Google). I’ve done it before, I can do it again. less chocolate.
..take my vitamins.
..let stupid comments from strangers go without rude response, I’m sure they mean well.
..stop shopping for “skinny clothes” on the internet until I can actually wear them.
..accept that I can’t always control everything.
..not feel like a gigantic failure every day that I wake up in the morning still here. Knowing that this would likely happen again does not make it any easier.


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  1. Think of this…A. You're not ELVEN DAYS OVERDUE.B. Induction will be easy breezy the 2nd time around. Devan paved the way. Baby LaFawnda will slide right out :)C. You're HAVING A GIRL!D. You're the best quilter I know.E. You're not a failure, because you're pregnant.F. Your yard looks great.G. You have a wonderful and supportive husband.H. Uh, you're having a girl! (Can you tell I'm excited?)Hang in there. There is an end in sight of this pregnancy.

  2. I hope you can have a good weekend. I think Stephanie was right, be excited you are having a girl. Wes just gave me a silly look and when I went to change his diaper shot pee straight at me while laughing with great enjoyment. Yes it is exciting you are having a girl

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