40 Weeks


Well, here we are. Am I surprised? Not really. Disappointed? Of course. I should know that my due date is not a “no later than” date but rather a “certainly no earlier than” date. I did tell Craig very early on in the pregnancy that I knew I would go overdue, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t a small part of me that hoped for something different. Though as the days have crept by I have accepted that this is just the way things are for me and my body would very much like to grow a gigantic baby, given the chance. In fact, I think if I could ask my body it would be feeling rather smug right now- “Don’t say I can’t do pregnancy, I am awesome at this. I can keep this up forever…”

I know there is very little one can control about this whole baby growing process and I guess the one thing that is up to me right now is when to induce. And so I can tell you all that baby “L” will be here by this time next week. And I will not be backing out, because I do not want her to be gigantic. I do not want to spend 3 hours pushing. I do not want to sit on a donut pillow for a month. If there is one thing I am asking of God, besides for this girl to arrive safely, is for her to arrive with less damage to her momma.

Just like when we were waiting (and waiting) on Devan, we are more than ready to meet our little girl. We have been ready for weeks. I am tired of shaving my legs for the last time, and painting my toes for the last time, and stocking up on groceries for the last time, and vacuuming the house for the last time… you get the picture.

One thing I am not tired of is soaking up all of this time with Devan. I am SO GLAD that I took an extra few weeks off from work, it has been the absolute best decision I could have made. Not just for the lazy afternoon naps, but for the moments of cuddling and trains and play-doh and snow cones and water gun fights…it’s been pretty awesome. We’ve also spent a lot of time talking about the baby and though I know it is going to rock his world no matter what, I think we have prepared him as much as we possibly can. He is crazy excited about being a brother and when I broke the news to him that his sister will be coming this next week he got the most gigantic smile on his face and just glowed with happiness. “My baby is coming! Are you ready, Mom?” he asked me. “Yes, Devan” I told him, “I am more than ready. It’s time to meet your sister and I am SO excited.”

So stay tuned, the next time I post it will be as a mom to TWO precious kiddos. I can hardly believe it, and I am so glad the wait is almost over!!

(Yes, picture to come. Maybe.)


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