Women worry about giving birth when what they really should worry about is the week AFTER giving birth. Holy cow.

Though not as bad as last time, I would still rather give birth ten times than recover from it. I actually was feeling pretty great at the hospital but I realized this was due to:

1. Drugs
2. Sitting in bed all day

Now that I am home we have a toddler and lots of stairs. And a weekend without drugs because I though I didn’t need them when we were discharged. I totally overdid it Saturday and then Sunday called my Mom in tears and now she is here and things are better. I actually cried no less than five times on Sunday due to:

1. Pain
2. Not getting any cards in the mail (it was Sunday)
3. Pain
4. Craig buying Nacho Cheese Doritos (which have wheat in them) instead of Cool Ranch Doritos (which do not).
5. Pain

I also was rude to a neighbor who tried to visit, and then obsessed for hours over my rudeness and then had Craig go apologize on my behalf. Oh, the hormones. And exhaustion. And pain.

So, that is the negative side of the week after birth. The positive is our absolutely gorgeous sweet little baby.

We are amazed because she actually sleeps. Eats, poops, and sleeps. Just like what the books say. Devan ate, pooped, and cried. There was no sleeping in that equation and we were prepared for that again but Leah is the easiest baby ever, so far. I have spent hours just sitting on the couch staring at her and cuddling her, and it makes up for everything one has to go through to grow and birth a baby. I just can’t get over all the little grunts and facial expressions and the cute little toes and fingers and her beautiful eyes.. I am definitely in love all over again and cherishing every minute of her babyhood. And this time around we made the very wise decision to hold off on visitors at least until I feel like 50% of my former self so we actually have had a chance to relax and enjoy her. Don’t worry, you all will get to come enjoy her soon enough!

And on a seperate note, congratulations to Mandy who won our baby guessing game with a nearly spot-on guess. An AMC gift card will be on its way sometime this week. Hopefully Joe and Mandy can squeeze in a movie date before their second little girl arrives in August! Kristy was a very close second place!! Thanks to all who played, it was fun to see all the guesses. I plan on getting around to writing down the birth story this week, but don’t hold your breath or anything. I may need to run to the store and buy some Cool Ranch Doritos in the few spare moments I have.


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