Leah’s Birth, Part 2


So, I left off this story at about 5am certain I was going to have a c-section. And I as I started to mentally prepare myself for what was going to happen things got a little crazy. Somehow, after nearly 7 hours of ridiculous contractions and no progress things turned on a dime. My water broke and I was miraculously dilated to a 7! And just like that it looked like I was going to be having a baby soon. No one was concerned about her heart rate now, they were talking about paging my doctor and getting ready to deliver a baby! My head was spinning as we called our families with the good news that baby “L” was on her way sooner than anyone predicted.

By 6 am I was at 9 1/2 and it looked like my doctor would not be delivering me. The doctor on call? Dr. Leah R.

We held off on pushing as we waited for the doctor on call to arrive and once she did I overheard her tell the nurse to have the pediatric specialists in the room because of how fast the baby was coming down through the birth canal. At 6:30, she told me I could start pushing and at 6:35am our beautiful Leah was born. I was hardly prepared for how fast she came, after working at getting her brother out for 3 whole hours!!

They placed her on my chest and the very first thing I noticed was that she was purple. Very purple. And her mouth was open, but no noises were coming out. And she wasn’t moving. And as I was starting to process all of this, she was whisked off my chest..and her lungs were suctioned and she was given oxygen as I watched, terrified…
until we heard the most beautiful sound ever- the outraged first cry!

I will never be able to adequately describe the terror I felt in those minutes, or moments that lasted an eternity. Leah’s first Apgar score was a ‘3’ but within 10 minutes she was a ‘9’ and I wanted to cry with relief.

At first I was furious at Craig when I found out he had been taking pictures, but the more I thought about it the more I realized how helpless I felt and how if I were in his shoes I would have felt safer somehow watching the scene unfold from behind the camera.

After the nurses finished messing with my baby (why do they take so looooong?) I was able to hold her in my arms again and cherish her and I haven’t stopped cherishing her since that moment. Perhaps this is why I have felt so much more positive about these first few weeks, because those scary few moments following a tense night really crystalized for me what an absolute miracle a healthy baby is. They are amazing, and beautiful, and worth absolutely everything it takes to help them arrive.

So, that is the story of her birth. In the end, I was proud that my body labored without Pitocin and thankful that we had such great care to ensure our little girls safe arrival!

How about a few more pictures from the day?

8 pounds and 6 ounces, seriously? What am I eating to grow these chunky babies? Just think if she had been 11 days late, oy.

Cute Feet!

Getting prettied up..

Yep, she’s a chunk!

And finally, a really proud Daddy.


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  1. Well I'm glad it was a quick and simple fix of oxygen and suctions! Isn't modern medicine wonderful?!I think she is a cutie-patootie. Expect something in the mail soon!

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