The Art of Compromise


We’ve known for over a year that we were going to need to replace the two-door Pontiac Sunfire when another kiddo arrived. It’s ridiculous enough trying to get a toddler wedged back there, let alone cram an infant seat in as well.

This is one of those stories where I have to pause and admit that sometimes, once in awhile, your parents are right. Because way back in college when I had Dad car shop for me I ignored his advice that the type of car I was looking for would not work well for a family. I think I responded that situation was a loooooooooong way off and I hardly needed to worry about it at the time. Honda Civic? No thanks- get me the car with the sunroof, please. 6 years went by really quickly, I’ll just say that.

So, the past year I’ve been getting email car advertisements forwarded to me from Craig that go something like this:

One owner Corolla, runs great, practical, perfect car for a first time driver! $3,000.

And then he would get an ad forwarded from me that went something like this:

Volkswagon Jetta. Power sunroof, heated leather seats, silver. $12,000.

And then he would sent me this:

Honda Civic, nothing wrong with car just bought a new one. Tan, clean interior, impeccable maintenance. $1,800.

And then I would send him this:
Toyota Highlander Hybrid. Low mileage. Power Sunroof, heated leather seats, 6 CD changer, navigation system. $26,000.

So, we didn’t make a whole lot of progress. I think we sent car possibilities to each other about every week for a year. I would delete his, I’m not sure if he even read mine. I will admit that I didn’t want to spend a fortune on a car because I needed that extra disposable income for my fabric/plants/book/etsy addiction. But I also wasn’t totally sold on the idea of exchanging one 2 door piece of junk for a 4 door piece of junk. And is it really too much to ask for leather?

Last Friday I got an e-mail from Craig with a short list of cars that would work for us, and his top pick. I skipped my precious nap that afternoon and did some research on the links he sent me and would you believe it? I agreed with him. So Saturday morning we got up, loaded up the 9 day old infant and toddler and went car shopping. And then we bought one. Just like that. I think we spend more time researching a $30 toy for Devan that we did this particular purchase, but somehow I pretty sure we found the perfect car for us after a year of indecision.
We bought a 2005 Ford Freestyle, a car I had never heard of until last Friday. It’s used and therefor less expensive, so that appeals to Craig, along with it’s good reliability ratings and low mileage.

It appeals to me because it seats six and more importantly- has leather and a sunroof.

I would attach a picture but I am too lazy to get up and go take one so here is one I found on the Internet that makes it look cool (ours is blue):

And now, if you will excuse me, I am going to go drive my oversized vehicle loaded with strollers and car seats around Johnson County because now we officially fit in in the suburbs.


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