29 years and 3 weeks


Yep, I’m another year older and sweet little Leah is three weeks old today. Time flies!

I love Birthdays so much that I like to drag out the celebration for as long as I can. It’s more like “Birthday Week” around here, which is a good thing because so far my actual birthday has been less than a mediocre day. Which is one way of saying it has been a little “challenging”. But instead of focusing on that, I am going to share about the rest of the fun around here…

Sunday my family came up and we celebrated Julie’s birthday and my birthday by eating out followed by gluten free chocolate cake and homemade chocolate ice cream. Devan behaved wonderfully, and Leah slept right through dinner so you really can’t ask for more than that.

And then Tuesday, Craig’s parents came and babysat while we had a date night. What do you do on a date night when you have a preschooler and a 3 week old? You go to Lowe’s and buy light fixtures, and you go to the mall and visit the Loft to try on clothes without dragging a giant stroller and a whiny toddler along. (For Devan, the mall equals a Carousel ride and nothing else so any deviation from this activity is met with no minor tantrum). Throw in a limeade from Sonic, and it was a perfect date night!

Then this morning, Craig gifted me with this blog- in book form. Just South of Sanity now exists as a paperback novel in two volumes. Volume 1 is our life up until the day before Devan was born and Volume 2 covers until Leah was born. Which means this entry will someday be in Volume 3. Which is going to be the suckiest Volume ever because finding time to keep up with the blog while taking care of two children is ridiculously impossible. But seriously, I LOVE this gift because this blog has more or less chronicled our lives together over the past 6 years.

And finally, here is Leah at three weeks. To us, she looks a lot like Devan did at the same age. We sure think she is a cute little chunk!


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  1. I second Tanya's request! and also you look amazing! Did you just have a baby 3 weeks ago? Damn. And Leah is just beautiful! I wish I was there to hold her and tell her who her favorite aunt-cousin person (I'm realizing now I have no idea what my relation is to her) but regardless, who her favorite whatever I am – is… yeah…me…

  2. Happy Birthday!Aw. I want my blog to be in book form, but I did a sample, and it would cost me a small fortune. Someday…good gift Craig!Hope the other days of your birthday week are good. Hope all is well and happy and you're sleep a little bit!

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