Gluten Free Grump


I want to preface this “Whine and Cheese” by saying that the vast majority of the time I hardly give my gluten free diet any thought. It’s just the way it is and I honestly don’t feel jealous when everyone else in the office has catered pizza while I eat soup, or when I order garden salad at a restaurant, or have to smuggle in special granola bars to most venues. That is just my normal and I am okay with it now.

However, I’ve really been resenting the diet the past few weeks. I want carbs! I want convenience foods! I was pre-packaged meals! I want to pick up dinner on the way home! I don’t want to spend $6 for four bagels! And I really, really don’t want to bake. Most of the time I enjoy cooking for our family (not so much the past month) but baking is another story. It’s ridiculous.

Tonight I decided to get over myself and make some dinner rolls because I can’t justify these gigantic Whole Foods bills much longer. And like I said, I need some carbs! So I picked out a simple recipe. A simple gluten free recipe that calls for Potato Starch (which is actually labeled Potato Starch Flour but is not Potato Flour- which I also have), Tapioca Starch (not Tapioca Flour- which I have), White Rice Flour (which is totally different than Sweet Rice Flour- which is all I had and what I used), Xanthum Gum, Guar Gum (don’t have it, and no clue where to buy it so I ignored that), Expandex Tapioca Starch (which is completely different than Tapioca Starch AND Tapioca Flour and yet another ingredient that I don’t have), and then finally some dried milk powder (though not Carnation instant milk powder because that is different stuff altogether.) All of this=wheat flour. Seriously! Can you see why I don’t bother most of the time? I need an entire pantry of these highly perishable and expensive ingredients just to eat a roll.

I have no moral to this story. I just felt like complaining and now I am going to go eat what is hopefully an edible roll.


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  1. Have you tried FoodShouldTasteGood chips? They are supposed to be gluten-free and the sweet potato ones are fantastic.I realize it's not a roll 😦

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