Don’t take my advice


There are aspects of parenting that I feel confident about. Tips and tricks I know, things I would gladly give advice on (usually not unsolicited, I know how annoying that is). Such as, you don’t want the closest parking space to the store, you want the space closest to the cart return. It does you no good to be 10 feet from the store entrance if you have to lug your infant seat back across the parking lot after taking the cart back.

So imagine my surprise when yesterday evening I realized I have had the total wrong idea about clothing sizes for babies for the past THREE YEARS. 6 month clothing is not 6-9 months (16-19 pounds) like I thought, it is for babies 3-6 months (12-16 pounds). No wonder baby Devan grew out of his clothes so fast! How is it that I have purchased two entire clothing wardrobes for my children without having a clue what size they should be in? And now I have to hope my eleven pound one month old stops growing so fast because the 6 month (12-16 pound) winter wardrobe I bought her may not get us through March like I was planning. It totally makes sense to me now why there was such a huge discrepancy between the clothes that I bought from Carter’s and Target that list just the lower end of the size range, and the clothes from Gap and Old Navy that list their sizes as a range. Wow, this isn’t even making sense to me and I’m writing it. Furthermore, unless you are dressing an infant I doubt you really care. I just can’t get over how I am just now figuring this out. The sad thing is that the brands and the sizes that I was so confused on clearly list the weight range on the tags, I just never bothered to look. This reminds me a lot of the Photoshop incident. It seems so incredibly simple looking back, but I just have a mind block on certain things that make me look like a giant moron.

I totally need to go re-sort Leah’s closet now.


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  1. Was the photoshop incident.. when you didn't know if caps was on it made your curser disappear.. so you kept restarting your computer (aka..had to turn of caps for your password) 🙂

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