Snip, Snip


I know since we just had baby number 2 you might have been thinking I was writing about something totally different. And there have been some days in the not so recent past that really make me wish that WAS what I was writing about. Anyways, I chopped my hair off.

Behold the before:

And the after:

I figure I’ve got the boy and girl, the almost mini-van, the house in the suburbs so the only thing left in my transformation to Super-Mom was the Mom haircut.

Every time I look in the mirror I think “who IS that?” I don’t look like myself anymore! I feel pretty neutral about the haircut so far, but I am hoping that I grow to love it. And as for that giant ponytail? It will soon be on the way to Beautiful Lengths- which donates wigs to women with cancer. After Devan, my postpartum hair loss was insane so this time I thought I might as well donate it before it all falls out.


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  1. I love bobs! I think it looks good. So, when will the mom jeans come into play? :)My post-partum hair loss with Freddie has left me with 18 pieces of hair on my head. It's crazy!

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