Now seems like an excellent time to take a break from the day and remind myself how adorable my little preschooler can be. He is just at these age where he acts an awful lot like a 34 month old, so that is what it is.

But how about the other day when he told me he loved Leah, and then out of nowhere- “She sure is a strong pooper!” What? I asked him. “She sure does poop strong!” he clarified.

Or when he wondered where my watercolor picture was from the day we painted together (with cheap-o Prangs). I told him it was probably in the trash. Why? he wanted to know with wide eyes. I told him it was because I didn’t like it very much and then he ran off to get one of his pictures. “Do you like this one?” he asked. Of course, I told him, it’s beautiful. “Don’t throw it away, okay?” he asked me. “First you give it back, and I will make it better so you like it more, okay?” I won’t throw it away! I assured him again. Still not reassured he said “I might give this one to Dad…”

And Friday night when I took him with me to the sale at Beautiy Express and he asked for his own hair wax. So we found the cheapest little container they had and he proudly stores it in his play freezer (??) and now I frequently find him with large glops of goo in his hair.

Or yesterday when we loaded up his tiny little bike and he rode nearly a mile on the Mill Creek Streamway trail all by himself! Sure, he needed a reminder every 2 minutes to stay on his side of the trail but he looked so darn cute in his little helmet peddling along at a furious pace. And then when we got home and Craig changed our license plate, Devan wanted the temporary one attached to the back of his bike. So now he has a giant license plate on his teeny bike, and it is adorable.

And when he discovered that we bought him a new humidifier (to vanquish these dang bloody noses) and he was so stinking excited about it that he asked if he could stay in his room and play with it instead of going to a park. A humidifier! It made his day!

And most of all when he asked me to cuddle HIM and climbs in next to me and tells me “I sure love you, Mom! Did you know that?” I did know that, and I shouldn’t ever forget it.

I love you too, little guy.


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  1. Thank you for this. Sometimes its nice to hear the good stuff so those of us contemplating the commitment see it can be worth it too.

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