Be Very Jealous


Leah slept for 8 straight hours last night. Seriously. I couldn’t believe it either. Devan didn’t do this until well after his 8th month, and even then we couldn’t count on it every night. While most nights Leah does wake up once or twice, she usually goes right back to sleep after she eats which means that we are getting sleep every single night, even if it is fractured. It is amazing how easy everything seems when I have had good sleep. If Leah didn’t have an older brother, this whole staying at home thing would be a cake-walk right now. I love that little turd though, see post below.

Right now, as I am sitting here wasting time on the internet, a Roomba is vacuuming our basement. Actually, this is the third pass on the basement because apparently it was filthy. I’ve wanted one of these contraptions since forever and there has been no small amount of hinting going on around here the past few years. A normal person would have sensed their husband was not in the least bit interested in owning a vacuuming robot but I am nothing if not persistent. And he loves me. And now I am much happier because our floors are clean and life will be easier when I return to work in less than three weeks (ahhh!! or yeah!! depending on the time of day.)

I have started sewing again! Yep, I have found time to sew. Life is good when I can sew. I have 8 projects going right now. Typically, I like to finish something before I start the next but I had so many ideas swimming in my head the last few months that I feel a rush to implement them all. If only I could hire someone to do all the crappy stuff- like basting the quilts and cleaning up my mess I would be done with at least one project by now. But, I am sewing!

Craig and I are going on a full-blown date Friday. As in, he is taking off of work and we are spending the entire day together. Just us. And we are going to spend it floating in a lazy river, around and around and around without a care in the world. And I am contemplating the ol’ pump and dump so that I can indulge in a frozen drink at a swim up bar. And maybe we will even get to talk to each other without someone interrupting us, because that sounds really nice too.

Also, our grass is much greener than all of our neighbors. So what if that is only because they don’t have as much crabgrass as we do. It still looks good form a distance.

Life is good.


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