Had things gone according to plan, we would be sitting in a car right now, hopefully almost to Minneapolis and Ikea and halfway to the cabin I rented on a lake in northern Wisconsin for our families summer vacation. But two weeks ago it occurred to us that driving in a car for 10 hours both ways with a talkative (understatement) preschooler and an infant who has a new-found hatred of car seats and naps all in the name of relaxation was probably not the best idea I’ve ever had. So, we surrendered our security deposit, sent Devan and Leah to a sitter last Friday and hung out child-free at Schlitterbahn for the day. Vacation? Sure, good enough.

And then we came home from Schlitterbahn and to our 90 degree house and were told the happy news that our heat pump had officially crapped out. And now we have received quotes on a new heat pump/furnace/air conditioner and any combination of the three and I’m realizing it’s a good thing we didn’t just throw away money on a vacation when we now have the amazing opportunity to purchase a shiny new heat pump/furnace/air conditioner. Oh sure, we could purchase my ENTIRE Amazon wishlist and cruise to Greece and buy a hot tub instead, but what fun would that be? Our new HVAC is going to be really, really spiffy. All Green and energy efficient and stuff. I’m so pumped about it! I can hardly wait to see it sitting out there all pretty and beige-colored, noisily pumping air like a good little heat-pump. And a new furnace in the basement too? It’s like Christmas! It’s going to be HALF the size of the old one, isn’t that impressive? The rabbits are pretty stoked, since the new furnace will be in their living quarters where everyone will see it.

Wow, it sure is fun being an adult. And even more fun being a homeowner!! We are so happy we bought this older home with “character” rather than a new one filled with working stuff. Because then we would miss out on all of the fun of choosing our own heat pump, and furnace, and roofing shingles, and concrete for our driveway and other exciting things like that. We really want our house to reflect our personal style, and now we have the opportunity!! Lennox or York, that is the question. Or maybe we are more Amana people, hard to say.

Oh yes, I sure do love being a homeowner right now.


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  1. I'm glad you can keep such a positive attitude. I'll have to reread your blog when we have to replace our heat pump. I wonder if they come in a Seashore Sand color to match our house? Enjoy the cool air (it's already 65 degrees here)love – dad/grandpa

  2. I'm taking it was all in sarcasm :)Yes, but think, if you lived in an apartment with 2 kids and rabbits, you'd probably have really bad neighbors!Sorry to hear about that fun expense!

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