My Best Friend Jason


Okay, I don’t really know Jason all that well. He might be a jerk for all I know. But I sure do love his Deli! I’ll admit I used to avoid it like the plague because I couldn’t handle the emotions of watching others devour delicious food while I ate a baked potato. But everything has changed with the recent marriage of Jason and Udi. (I’m assuming it is Udi’s because the bread is not only edible, it tastes good.) So my seven gluten free readers probably know exactly what I am talking about (Gluten free bread at Jason’s Deli!!!) and the rest of you don’t care but I can’t help but share because, WOW. I ate a sandwich at a restaurant. A really good sandwich. And I am in love with Jason and his Deli and I want to go there once a week. And I probably will because there is a Jason’s Deli a block from the office, and I am going back to work in one week. And whenever I get sad about that, I’m just going to skip on down the block and devour a delicious sandwich and all will be right with the world.


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