Foot in Mouth


So about the onesies..I was proofreading my blog entry (I always do this after everyone has had a chance to read it and catch all of my misspellings) and realized it sounded like I was saying that I think onesies are a bad gift. What I was trying to say is that given how popular they are, it is ironic that is what I ended up making when I was after something “unique”. We love onesies around here, Leah wears about five of them on any given day.

About that little Leah, every day I am thankful for her and her sunny disposition and the fact that we had our easy baby second. I’m not sure how I could have done this if we had them the other way around. I’m also really thankful for Prevacid. I was so hesitant and wary of medicating baby Devan and look how that worked for us! So this time when Leah was having the same problems I realized the solution could not be holding her upright for 24 hours a day 5 months straight. We did the Prevacid, and it has worked wonderfully. The doctor feels that when she is sitting up we can stop the medicine but until then, I am thankful we have it.


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