My little studio tour


Lots of quilters and crafters out there in blog land have been sharing their studios/craft spaces lately. I find it incredibly inspiring so I thought I should join in and share my sewing room as well. I hope you don’t mind, I didn’t take the time to “stage” it.

When you head up the stairs and open the door, you are greeted by this:

Let me just point out all of the special features for you. First, the olive green rusty ironing board circa 1970 complete with an outdated and stained silvery sunflower print cover. Pretty sure my mom got this from a garage sale about 30 years ago and somehow it ended up in our house. My sewing table is a teeny little desk that my dad found somewhere for $5 and refinished for me when I was a little girl. It previously held plants and its drawers are still full of manuals for every small appliance we have ever purchased. I also have a card table that my mom gave me for entertaining and now functions as my cutting surface. Jealous yet? Let’s continue..

Ah, the closet. I didn’t want to show you the entire closet because that might be embarassing. I only cleaned up this portion. I store my future projects in a clothing organizer because obviously, I like things neat and tidy. Come to think of it, I might need to pick up a few more of these the next time I am at Target. If you think the closet looks nice, then check out behind the door..
More storage space! Here I keep frames I have no pictures for and a box full of home decor crap that I never should have purchased. It’s important to keep these things close at hand in case I might suddenly need them. Sure would hate to have to open the door and walk five steps to the attic to find any of this junk. Good thing it looks so nice here behind the door. And finally, my fabric storage system and layout space..

Also occasionaly a guest bed in which case, I do bother to neatly file these piles under the bed. And yes, that is a jack-o-lantern and no, I have no clue why it is there. I’m planning on talking Craig into letting me invest in a few more 4$ Sterilite tubs to help upgrade my storage system from the floor, though it sure is easy to see it all when it is laid out like this.

So there you have it, my creative genius at work. Anyone feeling like doing some sewing now? Or perhaps you have the urge to come clean my house? (Please, don’t be shy, come on over.)

On a related note, anyone know of any contests I can enter to win a redesign? I’m thinking I might just be a shoo-in if I show them what it really looks like. You know, before I clean up for pictures.


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  1. It does remind me a lot of my childhood bedroom. Same furniture, same mess.Just think of how lame the room would be if you and mom hadn't of gifted us with all of that free furniture!!

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