The Story of Thursday


Thursday morning Craig left late to drop off the kids and I threw together a quick lunch and got to work 20 minutes late (it’s relative, I’ve been later). I ate lunch while working, and then left work early and sat in a traffic jam for an hour before I was able to pick up Devan and Leah. I was home for about 10 minutes and then I hopped in the car and sat in traffic for another 30 minutes in order to arrive one hour late to an PGASLA function. I stayed for only 30 minutes before leaving early to arrive late at the quilt guild meeting. And then I stayed for the first hour and left early thanks to my nursing schedule which doesn’t allow me to be away for huge chunks of time. I returned after both Devan and Leah were sleeping so I then stayed up late making invitations for Devan’s birthday party and cleaning the house (and shopping for fabric.)

As I was lying in bed a good hour after my usual bedtime it struck me how half-butted (trying to watch my language) my day had been. But then I was thinking how thankful I was to have the opportunity to participate in so many things I love, even if nothing really got the attention it deserved. And then I was thinking I was also glad these days only happen once a month because it’s hard to go without spending quality time with the kiddos. And then I was really thankful for a Friday with no plans other than to laze around with Devan and Leah (and clean up that dump of a sewing room). And then I feel soundly asleep and didn’t wake up until the morning because Leah slept for nine hours straight. Hallelujah!, The End.


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