Here are some random thoughts thinly disguised as a coherent blog post:

Things that makes me HAPPY: Leah’s grinning face, fall weather, Udi’s gluten free bagels, Devan’s lame-o jokes, our new rug that covers all of the carpet stains, and the mailman who brings me fabric nearly every other day.

Things that make me STRESSED: The morning routine, deadlines, milk production volume, our filthy dirty house, planning a birthday party, the fact that 95% of people do not understand the concept of R.S.V.P, driving the P.O.S. Mazda, lack of time in general.

Things that make me SCARED: The black guy walking up our street dressed in all black and a black stocking cap whom I almost hit with my car 5 minutes ago because he was so hard to see. Not to racial profile, but what the heck? Who dresses like that in this weather unless you want to rob someone? Also, my monthly credit card bill.

Things that make me MAD: Temper tantrums, the word “NO!”, buying a whole bunch of food and realizing when I got home I forgot to use my coupons, someone saying that Leah wearing a bow is “Stupid.” (Oh yeah? You’re stupid.) (I didn’t really say that.) (I really, really wanted to.)

Let’s do HAPPY again: Mad Men on Netflix, getting a pizza cutter in the mail, browsing Flickr, watching Craig play with Devan, reading the newspaper, getting 6 straight hours of sleep, driving through downtown, new magazines, and clean laundry.

And THRILLED: Having a husband who cleans up our house while I blog. That’s the best.


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