3 months


The little miss is 3 months old (yesterday). I’m afraid to start talking about her because I could just go on and on and you wouldn’t want to read it. I just LOVE her so much. Every little tiny thing about her and also every chunky, pudgy thing about her too. Her smiles, and laughs, and fat thighs. She is amazing and I am so blessed.

Yay! A good picture with SMILES! This one is going in the album.

It wasn’t an easy shot to get though. Leah wanted to roll on her side away from the sun…

…and pout!

And be ornery.

Leah, that’s just not nice.



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  1. lol, Elizabeth. You're hysterical. That last picture made me laugh. 🙂 She is a beautiful little girl, and you can tell she has a beautiful little personality. I love the quilt, too. It's hard to believe she's already three months– time flies! Jonathan turns six months on the 30th. We're looking forward to starting solids here soon. Anyway, thanks for the update!

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