Dear Blog


I’m sorry, blog. I know you are here. I do have lots of funny stories, cute pictures, and sarcastic observations to share with you but I can’t type in the car and that is my free time right now. Don’t worry, I have to come back to you soon or Just South of Sanity, Vol. 3 is going to suck. My apologies in the meantime,

One Stressed-out Mommy


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  1. I was talking about you yesterday to a friend of mine. I was saying how amazing you are and how you juggle everything. I literally don't know how you do it. Full time work. A husband who works full time. 2 kids in day care. Family time. A lovely home. Crafts. a blog. Seriously. You amaze me.

  2. My secrets? I only work 32 hours a week so I get Fridays off with Devan and Leah. I do my crafts during their naps on the weekends, and the biggest secret? My AMAZING husband who jumps right and helps. Without him I would LOSE MY MIND.

  3. I think you're amazing. you have an amazing husbandYou are raising two amazing kidsYou have an amazing jobAnd even the house keeping is amazing (considering the condition of your bedroom in your younger years – I photos-)Love – your dad

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