Rockets! And Robots! And Spaceships! Oh my.


Quilt number 13 is finished! Lucky number thirteen. Or unlucky number 13, depending on whether you were the one quilting it or not.

I have to say, this is one of my favorite quilt designs so far and I love how the colors came together in the end. I do not love that I freehand quilted the ENTIRE quilt without lowering the feed dogs, resulting in the worst quilting I have every done. Which makes me feel a little bit sick inside, because this quilt is headed somewhere very special. But first, some pictures…

I used some of the last of my David Walker fabric to make this one, along with some miscellaneous fat quarters that coordinated. I absolutely LOVE baby blue and orange and could sew quilts for boys all day long. I never get tired of “boy” color combinations. Craig voted for a red binding instead of orange, and I think he was right on. For an engineer, he has a good eye.

The backing is a star print that I searched high and wide for on the internet. And let me say, it was nasty fabric to work with. I might as well have used spandex. I basted this thing THREE times and it still puckered up everywhere, and let me tell you I have some choice words for this fabric. I’m not going to tell you what those words were. I will tell you that now that it is finished I am very happy with the galaxy on the back of the quilt and I know some little boy is going to love it.

I even added a little rocket ship back there, blasting through space. If I were a better machine quilter, I would have added giant plumes of gas and smoke bursting forth from the rocket but since I didn’t I suppose that technically, it is merely floating through space.

This quilt is for the KC Modern Quilt Guild’s charity project, which was to make quilts for the NICU babies at St. Luke’s. I know that I have been blessed with two healthy babies and full term pregnancies. Pregnancies that I griped about to no end as I went overdue, but pregnancies that I was an am so incredibly thankful for- even those extra days. My heart absolutely breaks for families who endure all of the worry and stress and heartache of a baby that comes to early. I hope this quilt brings a little bit of comfort to one of those families.

Oh, and by the way, this looks WAY better in person. πŸ˜‰


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