Pre-schoolers are Cute


This morning Devan was playing when all of a sudden he paused and stared at me and said,”Oh, pretty glasses Mom!!” I told him thanks and he asked where I got them, I told him at the store. And then he said, “They look like Grandma glasses.”

The other night Devan was talking to my mom on the phone and telling her how we had built a fire and scooped all of our ashes into the special door in our fireplace. I could hear mom tell him that they don’t have a special door so she has too use a shovel and pail to clean out their ashes. Devan paused, then asked, “You have bent? Bent that air goes through? You can just put them in there, okay?!” Problem solved.

I was driving home from a church dinner last night with Devan and Leah when I mentioned that Leah was asleep. Devan said he didn’t think she was and starting talking to her in a sing-songy voice. After a few minutes with no response he tells me in a matter of fact voice- “She does like me, she does. But I just too far away. Maybe she not see me. But she love me, its okay.”


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