More Love


Most of you have heard by now that my Dad suffered from a major heart attack Saturday. It’s been a long few days but I am so thankful right now, thankful that they got to the hospital on time and that he is alive. I am thankful that Eric and I were able to immediately go to Topeka and stay with him, and I’m really thankful that Eric is willing to sleep in the scuzzy hospital waiting room again tonight to give Mom and I some peace of mind a chance to catch up on sleep. I’m thankful that Craig is such an amazing Dad and I didn’t need to worry about the kiddos while I was gone. And I think our entire family is thankful for the out-pouring of love and support.

And since I know Dad will read this tonight on his nifty ipad, I figure that nothing can cheer a person up like pictures of his cute grand-kids.

We all love you so much, Dad. Now get some sleep tonight!


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