I have had so many thoughts swirling aorund in my mind lately- a literal plethora of blog posts. I should have been posting daily the past few weeks. Trouble is, those thoughts are so jumbled I can’t seem to sift throught them in order to seperate out the fluff from the less fluffy fluff and write a coherent post. So I’ve ignored this blog woefully, and have avoided the computer altogether to the best of my limited ability. I’m sure I’ll come up with something brilliant and interesting soon enough but in the meantime just know we are still here, trucking along.

And for those who pointed out that I never gave an update (sorry!), Dad came home the day before Thanksgiving and is still working on recovering. I would tell you that I worry about him but he reads this daily and does NOT like being worried over. So I won’t mention that.

I hope you all are having a wonderful December, and thanks to everyone else who is slacking off on their blogs as well- you all make me feel better. And to those of you who aren’t slacking off, you should try it- it’s much easier than posting.


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