Double Standard


Since more than one of my friends have inquired, I just want to state unequivocally that if you are reading my blog right now, you most definitely did not write the posts I was referring to I my last post. I am a huge blog surfer and I read a lot of blogs. A TON. Most of them written by people I have never met. And I realize it is ridiculous to read that particular blog that I find so fake and annoying, and yet I am drawn to it like a fly to cow poop.

Most of my friends with kids have written a post or two about the trials of parenting and I know we all feel compelled to let the world know that we still appreciate and adore our children. I think that is different than doing your Mom complaining but then gushing how much you LOVE every second of your life and everything is so perfect. It just doesn’t ring true, right?

So basically, what I am saying is that it is okay for ME to complain about parenting and then state that I love my kids, but when a stranger does it, it’s really annoying.

Glad I cleared that up.

Oh, also? I love my kids. Even when they are stinkers.


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