Baby Girl


Did I tell you? Leah is sitting up! Oh wait, did I say sitting? I meant to say spitting. Leah is spitting up, a lot. All the time. 20 times a day, if not more. I’m not sure why I buy her cute clothes when I should just buy her cute bibs. And maybe some cute bibs for Mom and Dad too. And maybe a protective mat for our carpet, couch, rug, and every other surface she comes near. Yep, lots of spitting up going on around here.

Sitting? Not so much. We put her in a tripod and then she spies a foot and dives for it, and is left in a folded little heap of baby. Or she dives to the side. She apparently is completely uninterested in this skill. She prefers to be carried around or snuggled in a lap and dislikes tummy time, sitting, pretend walking, or any other sort of baby exercises. She’s been rolling for awhile except for that she hardly ever does, only if necessary to avoid some other sort of activity we are forcing on her. She is a very content, and not so very physically motivated baby. What a change from her older brother!!

I am glad that I had the active baby first, when I was so eager to tick off those milestones. I was anxious to make sure that he could “do” everything, and he was anxious to be mobile. Leah is just content as can be to be as she is. So I am going to take my cues from her and be content with her pace of development. After all, there’s not much sweeter than snuggling with a baby, and that is such a fleeting stage. I’m going to enjoy every minute of it that I can.


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