Tis the Season


I’ve finally succumbed to the sickness that has been lingering in our house this week (i.e.-a sneezing, coughing 3 year old). I’ve actually done fairly well this year and haven’t missed any work for a viral type illness, just lots of migraines. My luck ran out yesterday when the caustic phlegm started draining down my burning throat. And then the dry cough started, and then the wet cough, and then I woke up this morning and my head is going to explode and I ache all over. The annual Christmas Cold, what would I do without it.

I told Craig I was going to go to work but by the time I finished my shower I realized it is just not going to happen. The only thing I am going to do today is make some hot tea and cuddle with my quilt and feel sorry for myself because I am such an incredible baby when it comes to being sick. I hate it, but don’t we all.

Anyways, the real reason I am posting (besides waiting for my tea water to boil) is to announce that after a one year hiatus, we got our act together this year and finished our Christmas cards. Now, I just need to address them. If you would like one and you didn’t get a birth announcement, please send me your address via e-mail or facebook. I ordered LOTS of cards this year, so I want to make sure and get them sent out.

How about an overview of past editions of the Nelson family card?

The inaugural card. I picked super cheesy pics, they weren’t too hard to find.

This one might be my favorite.

2007 Yay, a baby! And see Elliot and Lizzie? That really happens.


Not my favorite, but at least I made one. I should have “tied” the letters with ribbons and had them hanging from pegs so that the munchkins aren’t all suspended in air. Stupid. And this was the first year I stopped doing the photoshop paint-style of card, out of laziness.


Lame-o. No card.


Best card ever? Nah. But at least you’ll get one.

Any favorites? Hate them all? Someday we will have quite the collection of cards, if I don’t have more lame-o years. It just isn’t our family style to sit down and do a professional, polished photograph. We just aren’t a polished family, so this suits us better. Plus I think it’s fun.

And now my tea is ready, and I am going back to bed.


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  1. Looking forward to seeing this year's Christmas card! And hope you get to feeling better! I still have that same crud when we wanted to go shopping together- finally got antibiotics this week. Get plenty of rest!

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