(Almost) 6 months


Leah turns 6 months old on Thursday so I will be back with some pictures and another post. But that is also 2 days before Christmas so just in case I don’t actually get around to it, I’ll go ahead a share a few things because I know how deeply interested you all are. Well, at least her Grandparents are interested. Or, at least they act like they are interested.

1. Leah is sitting. And still spitting. But the sitting is pretty cool.

We were thinking this milestone was still a few weeks out due to the wobliness of our practice attempts but then she just got it. I remember how these milestones seem to come out of nowhere. I am happy with the sitting, and will be happy if she takes her time with the whole crawling thing. An immobile baby is an easier baby, yes?
2. Leah is big.

At her appointment last week, she weighed 17 pounds and 10 ounces. Technically, Devan weighed more at the same age however on the girl chart she is above average weight while he was average. We feel confident she will fall to the lower percentage of the growth chart here soon, but until then we are going through the clothes like crazy. I have not one single item of 12M winter clothing for her, so I’m hoping she hits the brakes on the growth until the spring. With the amount she spits up each day it is a mystery to me how she is gaining all of this weight.

3. Leah really likes to eat. She would nurse every 2 hours if I let her, and she is eating gobs of baby food. Hmmm, weight mystery solved?

4. Leah LOVES Devan. She coos with happiness when she sees him and lunges for him. I have an adorable video of him feeding her pears and her giggling every time he offered her a bite but it was too huge and blogger crapped out on me so you’ll just have to take my word for it- it was cute.

5. Leah is my favorite daughter.

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