Feeling down


I don’t like to end the year on a low note, but life doesn’t always let us do things the way we would like. This has not been a season of good health for our family so I would like to ask for some prayers. For my Dad, that his recovery is hastened. For Leah, that we find answers. And for myself, that I find answers as well.

My Dad doesn’t want me to worry about him. So I won’t. But I will continue to pray for him, that he feels better than he does now.

We are going to be taking Leah to the ENT in the next few weeks to see if they can find the cause of her chronic congestion. Lately she can barely eat or take a bottle due to lack of breath. She doesn’t have a cold, or ear infections, or sinusitius, or mucous, or drainage or anything else but the poor baby just can not breathe. She’s a happy little gal, and I think she would feel even happier if we could figure this out for her.

For me, well, things aren’t going so hot. Which is normal in a way. And yet now it is something completely new and different. One problem after another after another. I don’t know whether to feel blessed that I can somehow just keep plugging along or angry that I can’t be healthier. Right now I feel angry. I’m headed to the hospital tomorrow for more tests, please pray that I recieve good news because I am not expecting it.

There is nothing in the world that I want more for myself and my family than good health. I think it is something to be valued above all else and when you don’t have it you find that is all you can think about. Right now, it is all I am thinking about.


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