Maximum Crazy


How do I even begin to sum up the past 24 hours? Another ER trip, admitted to the hospital, 10+ scale pain, insane iv pain meds, tests, a barfing roommate, no sleep in two days, anxiety attacks of the highest order, complete exhaustion, discharging myself against my doctors orders, canceling surgery, rescheduling surgery, 911 call and having 6 firefighters in our living room and me not wearing a bra, a gazillion trips to Kansas City for my mom to take care of my crazy- butt self, and lots and lots of pain. And lots and lots of pain medicine.

I probably missed something, but it was all crazy.

I am rescheduled for a laproscopic surgery Monday morning. Everything could be fine and I could be on to the next specialist for a different surgery, or maybe they will actually find the cause of this pain and then I will be in recovery for a few weeks. There is nothing like using up all of your time off of work in the first weeks of the new year. Now we are off to see my beautiful children because I have missed them like.. crazy.


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  1. We love you Elizabeth and we're praying for you and your doctors. Hope to hear some good news Monday! Prayers for Craig and your babies too! Much love, Ryan and Sarah

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