In Sickness and In Health


Seven years together tomorrow. Seven mostly wonderful years. And some health in there, and lots of sickness. Lately, moments of back rubs and foot rubs, of barf buckets and cold washcloths, of trips at midnight for medicine and Gatorade, of sitting in hospitals and waiting rooms. It’s not the stuff of romance novels, but it is the stuff of love.

Its been rough this past year. The demands of parenting two very young children, us both working, multiple health problems, and squeezing in church and family time has been challenging. There are moments that we want to wring each others neck and there have definitely been some harsh words and rising voices. After seven years, it’s easy to stop appreciating what you have and take each other for granted.

Far too often I use Craig as a punching bag for the stress of life. Because he is always there for me and because he takes the hits and still loves me. It’s not how one should treat someone that they love and I know this. It’s not about the dishes, or who vacuumed last, or whose turn it is to change that nasty diaper (always Craig’s) and yet I find it easy to forget this when life is overwhelming me. I wish I could find a way to not forget.

That is a glimpse at reality, that often our love is far from perfect. We falter more than we would want. But our love is always seeking to do better and never giving up. It is waking up each day and wiping the slate clean, not living in the past, and not keeping score. It is encouraging one another and enjoying each other. And yes, it is also holding that barf bucket.

This is a new year and time for new resolutions. This year I wish, hope, and pray for better health and I resolve that Craig and I will meet every challenge holding hands and working together, loving each other as best as us flawed humans can do.

My other resolution for this year? Take more pictures of just the two of us together so that next year, on our 8th anniversary, I don’t have to dig around until I find the one picture of us together, half naked at Schlitterbahn in July.


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