Made with LOTS of Love! (Quilt # ?? I’ve lost track.)


This quilt has been a long time in the making. After I completed my second quilt I saw this fabric online and it immediately made me think of my Mom. It’s Fig & Plum by Fig Tree for Moda. Granted, it isn’t my personal style but by the time I was finished with this quilt I was in love with it. Yes, I absolutely love it, and more than any other quilt I’ve made. Even though it is “just” a charm pack quilt, even though the design is traditional and simple, and even though the fabrics are all florals, I just love it. And I should love it, after working on it for 1.5 years!

I am usually really good about starting just one quilt, and then finishing in within a month or two before moving on to the next. This one I started, then put aside, started again, put aside. Mother’s Day, Mom’s birthday, Christmas, another Mother’s day, another birthday all passed me by until I finally committed to finishing by Christmas. For real. This absolutely was going to be my mother’s Christmas present, no excuses. I finished binding it on December 23rd.

Nothing fancy, just 3 charm packs cut in half and sewn back together. It took me forever. I trimmed and squared up like crazy and as a result, at least half of the points meet up reasonably well. As usual, once I finished I did some searching and turns out there’s a much better way to do this (half square triangle sandwich). Next time, I really am going to do my “how-to” research first because doing it when the quilt top is nearly finished is completely idiotic.

I wanted to quilt double lines running both directions but it was going to create too many puckers. So I made a practical decision and went with only a few single quilt lines running perpendicular in order to hold the batting down. I should tell you it was an artistic decision, but I’m all about honesty.

The binding is courduroy. With these fabrics, there was nothing else that it could possibly be.

I hope this quilt gets nice and worn out. It’s meant to get worn out, I think it will get better with age. It’s looks a lot nicer in person, trust me on that one.

I made this quilt for my mom because I love her so much. I don’t tell her that enough, and I want her to know. She is the most giving, unselfish person that I’ve met. She will drop everything to care for someone. And not just me, anyone who needs it. She taught me how to care for others- how to put love into action. She taught me that money doesn’t buy happiness, to treat others with kindness, that intelligent people don’t need to use curse words (she tried to teach me that), how to be a good host, to resolve conflicts with honesty and candor, and to never to go to bed angry among many other things. I’m lucky to have her in my life. Love you, Mom!


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  1. This quilt is quite amazing Elizabeth! I am continually impressed with your quilting/sewing skills! Also, your lovely children make me smile! Keep up the good work momma!

  2. Left a comment-what happened to it?–It said the quilt is perfectly me, gorgeous, and very special -from a daughter who chooses to overlook my flaws and whom I love incredibly! Mom

  3. This is so pretty. HSTs are probably my favorite block. Wait until you try making them with the new method. It is going to change your life! Saw you last night; sorry I didn't get to say hi. Your mom sounds a lot like mine – we're both really lucky!

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