A tale of four boots


I think I will take a break from any meaningful or enlightened musings (and complaining) to write about something completely stupid and irrelevant- my boots.

I own two pairs* of black boots. (*two pairs so long as we are talking about tall black boots. The rest don’t count.)

This is the first pair. I bought them on clearance at least two years ago from a cheap-o shoe store. They are cheaply made, fake leather, no support, and absolutely no traction on the soles. I’ve completely wiped out twice just this winter while wearing these very boots. They are sort of an off-black color, are no longer in style, are horribly scuffed, caked in dirt and salt, and look like total crap.

This is the second pair. They are Michael Kors. They sell for $500 from Nortstrom. I did not buy them for that, because I would never in my life pay so much money for a pair of shoes when there is e-bay. Next to new for next to nothing, I love it. So yes, these are some high quality designer boots. Beautiful leather, well made, no scuffs, the perfect height and they go with everything. They were the steal of the century for only $24. They are gorgeous and I love them. That is, I love to look at them and admire how gorgeous they are.

But do you know what? I hate wearing them. I can not for the life of me get the dang things off once they are wedged on my feet. Yesterday, I about fell out of a dressing room as I tugged and tugged on these stupid beautiful boots, trying to get them off from a standing position. They don’t want to leave me feet.

And it’s not just this pair, I also bought a pair of gorgeous, and I mean GORGEOUS Frye boots that I have been coveting forever. But they won’t come off my feet either. They make me want to say curse words. And I don’t have huge feet, I wear a size 5.5. All of my fake leather boots from Target fit just fine and pop right off. So when I am ready to head out the door guess which boots I pick? Yep, the cheap-o crappy boots. I guess at least I didn’t spend $500 on the nice boots, no wonder they were on e-bay.

Well, that’s the entirety of this post. There is no moral to the story. I’m just saying I don’t like wearing my pretty boots.


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