A little bit of Sunshine


I had some Christmas money from Grandma Nelson burning a hole in my pocket and so the moment I was feeling up to it, I did a little bit of fabric shopping. I’m sure Grandma Nelson would think I am completely insane for spending so much money on fabric, but I’m fairly certain that of all the material possessions there are in the world- material really does make me the happiest. Maybe that and tiny baby shoes. And books. But really, I love fabric, and I especially love it if it is Heather Bailey.

And so, I went a little nuts and ordered myself some yardage from Pop Garden. Doesn’t it just scream summer?

And a little Bijoux designer sampler as well. Oh, the plans I have for you.

Here it is, my Heather Bailey Pop Garden/Bijoux tub, just waiting for the perfect quilt pattern and a couple extra hours in every day.

In case you are curious, I sort my fabric stash by intended project and by designer, not by color. And every so often I pull it all out and “re-organize” (I use the term loosely) it just to see if there are some fantastic combinations hiding in the stacks. I tell Craig I have WAY less fabric than most every other quilter I know but he doesn’t believe me.

As Devan would say, it was SO NICE of the mailman to get me this fabric. He must really, really like me.


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