Seven Months


Seven months, in the blink of an eye. This baby is such a delight, all 18 chubby pounds of her. She is so sweet, content, and has the hugest smile for anyone who will look her way. She LOVES to eat, and demands food every hour or so throughout the day. I’ve let her have puffs even though she isn’t crawling yet and she loves them. It’s pretty adorable to watch a seven month old dive for puffs and attempt to get each one in her mouth, with puffs glued all over her clothes and slobbery hands and face. I guess you have to see it.

We recently acquired a free rain forest jumperoo, and Leah is in jumping heaven. She has hardly stopped bouncing long enough to investigate all the cool noise-making gadgets on the thing. She jumped for 45 straight minutes yesterday, not even slowing enough for me to get a good picture. And would you know? She nearly slept through the night last night with only one coughing fit.

Check out those thighs!

Hmmm, what else? Her hair is starting to lighten and grow and she has wispy bangs now. She is starting to jabber and all three of us heard her saw ma-ma a few days ago. I’m waiting to the repeat performance but hopefully she doesn’t make me wait 18 MONTHS like her stinker of a brother did (still love him). I’ve been working with her on it, a lot. We are teaching her sign language and she has the milk sign down pat. The more sign makes her beam, and the diaper sign makes her giggle.

I can’t wait to see what the next month holds for us and this sweet baby girl. Only five more months of babyhood. Sigh.


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  1. OH man. She is so freaking adorable. I'm so glad she doesn't live near me. She'd make me baby hungry for sure! I mean look at those cheecks! and those rolls on her thighs! Oh man. I'm glad to hear there are happy babies in the world. I've sort of convinced myself that they are screaming crying terrors. Seeing Leah makes me think it might not be as bad as I've convinced myself it will be. thanks for the post!

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