Procrastination and the Winner


Remember yesterday, when I wrote a blog post instead of making food? With less than an hour before we needed to leave I found a cookie recipe on the back of a box of granola and decided to improvise and make them gluten free. And then I used my new silicone baking mat on an air-bake cookie sheet and ended up with this lovely mess:

Lesson learned? Don’t improvise gluten-free baking, ever. And don’t procrastinate. At least they won’t go to waste, I’m tossing the crumbs in the freezer and someday they will make a lovely cheesecake crust.

Anyways, who cares, right? You just want to know if you won my little giveaway. Without further ado, the winner is:

Tabetha! Let me know which fabric you like and your favorite colors and I will get started! And rest assured, I won’t ever offer up baked goods in a giveaway. Promise.


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  1. OH WOW!!! I won!!!! How exciting! 🙂 I think I like the Folksy flannel:)They are all so pretty!!! You just made my day Elizabeth!! Thank You so much! I hope you have a great day too!

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