Life at our house..


..has been fairly mundane the last few weeks. I did not in fact get a shot at the dentist last week because my tooth repair would have taken too long so I am eating on the other side of my mouth until this Friday. I did manage to hit something (the curb, ahem) with my rear tire on the way home from the dentist, forget to ask Craig to check it out in the morning and then stranded myself with a flat on 1-435 in the dense fog while I waited for Motor Assist to come change my tire. Which yes, was completely destroyed so I had to go buy a new one and reschedule my doctors appointment for the afternoon, meaning I got a total 3 hours of work done on Wednesday. It was one of those weeks. And then yesterday I woke up so dizzy I fell as I got out of bed. Dizziness and sleepiness are the most common side effect of the new medicine I’ve been taking, but it stayed the entire day so I’m not sure whether to blame a virus or the meds. I feel pretty crummy so it could be a virus, but quite frankly I’m not willing to take any sort of medicine that makes me that dizzy. It was so bad that Eric came to help take care of the kids while Craig was gone, and Leah rewarded his kindness with the biggest, nastiest smelling blow-out poop we have had in a long time. I contemplated cutting her shirt off of her because I didn’t want to smear poop in her hair and I know Eric was not going to be volunteering to give her a bath. Thankfully, half a container of wipes did the job.

That’s the way things have been going around here. I really am ready for Spring, I’ve convinced myself that this will all be behind me when Spring comes. I know for a fact that every person I know goes through times like this. Times when you feel down, so all you see around you is evidence that life stinks. Thus far in my life though, things always swing around the other way and there are times that are so rich and good that I can hardly believe how blessed I am. Times when I have the luxury to worry over dumb little things like redecorating, or new plants for the yard, or planning a fun quilt.

It’s not been all bad. Craig’s parents watched the kids and we had a real date night on Valentine’s Day. Leah is still the happiest baby on the block, and sleeps 12 hours a night. Devan is 50% precious and 50% pill but I do believe the tantrums are decreasing. We’ve had two 70 degree days lately and we all enjoyed spending some time outside. What else have we been up to? There has been lots of snuggling..

Daily silliness..

A little bit of sewing..

And even a snowman!

One more month of winter, I think I just might make it through.


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