8 Months


The little Miss is now 8 months old. Here is where I tell you I don’t know where the time has gone. I really don’t though, the months are flying by. Do you want to know what she does? Of course you do!

She waves, babbles constantly (mostly Ba. Ba. Ba. Ba.), rolls everywhere she wants to go, eats Devan’s toys, ruins newspapers in 2 seconds flat, poops like a champ, rocks on all fours (but no crawling yet, which quite frankly is more than okay with me), lights up when she sees her mommy and daddy, gives giant hugs, sleeps through the night consistently, eats finger food, screeches through every meal (making her banished from dinner time for the time being, we eat late now), waves, and blows raspberries for hours on end.

She has one little bitty tooth, and it’s pretty cute.

She still has chubber thighs, but I think she’ll skinny up when she is mobile.

She is still chronically congested, and her doctors are suggesting a food allergy. My sweet baby, with a food allergy. Doesn’t seem possible, does it? Poor baby, I sure hope she takes after her Daddy in the health department. Cause we all know she already got her stunning good looks from me.

I’ve haven’t taken her “official” 8 month pictures yet so this will have to do. Miss Leah, champion baby shot putter.

Updated! Pictures and more pictures:

Crawl, baby, crawl. You can DO it!


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