Love for my little guy


I had a date with Devan today. I LOVE our mother/son dates and they are just the thing for whenever I become a bit weary of parenting (it happens) and need a reminder of how parenting can be quite enjoyable. So despite the crummy weather this weekend and my initial vows to myself that I was not going to step out of the house again until all of the snow is GONE, we headed out this morning to have a little fun.

First, we happened upon a Dr. Seuss reading event at Target where Devan listened quietly to a few stories, while being very careful not to give any indication that he was paying attention. No audience interaction from this little guy, and then he loudly announced he would like to “just go buy stuff now”. We collected his goodie bag and moved on to the Matchbox car section. He informed me he wanted one of every other toy in the store and I told him I would keep that in mind and then we left for our second destination- a haircut.

Sugar and Spice kids salon. For the record, not my cup of tea. At all. BUT, I thought Devan might get a kick out of it and they might be able to help tame his mini-fro. He wasn’t as excited about the car chairs as I might have thought (is he too old already?), and then halfway through the haircut he closes his eyes and makes snoring noises. He wasn’t moving around so I just shrugged at the hairstylist and he kept right on “sleeping” until she was done. He was fairly excited about the chocolate hair goop and I have to say, he looked good. He collected his sucker, which was definitely the highlight of the visit for him (which, incidentally, they also provide at Great Clips following an $8 haircut) and we were off to our last stop, lunch.

Had we headed to Devan’s favorite spot, we would have been going to “Old McDonalds” which has totally won over my kid with their brilliant marketing and play place and cheap little toys. I’m fine with that every once in awhile, but because I’m the driver and the mom, we went to one of my favorites instead, Spin! Pizza. I ordered a delicious eggplant pizza and Devan got…cheese. We chose a table where we had a clear view of the pizza oven and we had a blast watching the workings of the kitchen. One last dose of sugar with a kiddie gelato, and my little guy chose Mocha over all of the other flavors. The server explained to him that it would taste just like coffee and even gave him a sample and he insisted that was indeed the flavor he wanted. Whew, it was potent. And he LOVED it. After every bite, “mmmmmm”. What a refined palette he has, next time I will insist he try some toppings on his pizza.

This all may not sound very exciting or fun to you all, but we had a really great time. The best thing about these dates is not what we do, it’s about having the chance to visit uninterrupted. At home there are chores, and Leah, and adult conversations that shouldn’t be interrupted, and sadly I just rarely make the time to sit down and give him my full attention for a large block of time. He is such a little conversationalist and talking to him is such a joy. And then to finish out the date, as we were driving home he announced that he had managed to get his matchbox car open all by himself, that he just ripped the packaging open and it was easy. “I guess you’re pretty strong” I told him.

“I am,” he said “just like Dad. Dad and I are really strong.”

“I’m strong too, you know.” I claimed.

“Just a little bit,” he allowed. “You’re pretty…small.”

Ah, Devan, you never fail to make me laugh when I give you the chance. If you have young kids and don’t already do designated one-on-one activities, I highly recommend it. I think it is so crucial to our relationships right now that we all give each other undivided attention: Craig and I, Craig and Devan, Devan and I and someday Leah will get to join in as well.

I love my family, life is good.


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  1. YOU're SMALL! HAHAAHHA I actually laughed out loud. Awesome. I second tanya's comment (the part about you being a good mom and I enjoy reading about your little family – I can't judge her on the not enough play date thing. My guess is that she was pretty great when her kids were young too) wait. I mean she is still good now when they're older. oh bother.anyway. i love these stories. they are slowly helping me to feel less and less stressed about having a family. but only you! jo

  2. also I remember one time when my dad took me out to a fancy coffee place after we saw a play. I must've been about 7 or so. I ordered a giant espresso. (I had no idea what coffee was or espresso but it sounded fancy and i felt cool ordering it).and then i drank it.and it was disgusting.and i was up the whole damn night. So I'm enchanted by Devan and am impressed by his choice and enjoyment of mocha. What a kid!

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