Three things


Has anyone else noticed that the gluten free diet has become a big fad? Gluten free stuff is everyone and so many restaurants are offering gluten free menus. For the most part I am all for this, anything that makes it easier to find good stuff to eat is fine with me. But I have to say, I don’t get why some people are doing this. Like the lady at Spin! who I overheard ordering a gluten free pizza but then had no problems chowing down on the flatbread that came with her salad. What??? It would appear to me that there is a group of folks out there who have no medical need to eliminate gluten but are just eating that way by choice. If my memory serves, I believe I can safely assert that gluten free products do NOT (at all!!!) taste better than their wheat-laden counterparts and cost 3x more as well. Why do that by choice? I don’t get it. But I welcome it.

For once, I have awesome news on the health front but I am going to hold off sharing until my parents see this cliff-hanger and give me a ring so I can fill them in first. And then I have to ponder how to share this delicately because despite recent evidence to the contrary, I don’t really enjoy putting all my personal health problems out there in cyberspace. But I feel it’s really important to share honestly because someone else could be going through these things as well and find it comforting to know they aren’t alone. I know that’s a large motivator for why I am so open, and is also why I love being a big ‘ol blog stalker. I am not alone! I am not the first to experience this, and I won’t be the last.

One last thing. Mom, Dad, Brother, In-laws, everyone related to me by blood and marriage… why do not a single one of you follow my blog? I know you read it. You should follow it. The sole purpose of following is to stroke the blog writer’s ego, and we all know I have a rather large ego that needs fed. At the very least, my very own mother who gave birth to me and raised me and listens to my complaining 3x a week should follow my blog. Right? I think so.


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  1. Oh great! It is now past 10:00 PM and so do I get in trouble for calling too late, or wait til tomorrow and get in trouble for not calling sooner! This being the bloggers mom is stressful enough without now being in trouble for not 'following' the blog when I thought that is what I do when I 'read' the blog! OK, you guys need your sleep so I'll call in the morning–I can't wait to hear the GOOD news-yea:)

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