Parenting FAIL #3


(Disclaimer: I have more than three parenting fails. Lots more. I just don’t choose to share them all.)

Do you want to hear something truly horrible? Devan had a beloved Ring Pop. He acquired it from his friend’s birthday party a few weeks ago. He carefully stored it in a bowl and would get it out to suck on every few days.

Craig found the ring pop stub, and threw it away.

That’s not the parenting fail.

This morning, Devan asked where he ring pop was, a good five days after it disappeared. Craig provided a vague answer about how he wasn’t sure where it was exactly, but because I am not a weenie, I straight up told him that it was gone, thrown in the trash.

That was not the parenting fail.

Devan seemed accepting of this fact and let me know that it was okay, he still had a really special treat. That yummy candy from Valentines Day. That special treat that I gave him. “It okay you threw away my ring pop. I still have that special treat, that treat from Balentines. So that will be really yummy, I can’t WAIT to eat that special treat!”

Yes, that was a special treat. Just for Devan. A delicious marshmallow-filled chocolate heart that I ATE A WEEK AGO. I ate my son’s special treat. It’s gone. The special treat that I gave him because I love him. Eaten. By me. Because I didn’t think he would notice even though the kid remembers EVERYTHING. There is no consolation for the ring pop.



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  1. Devan showed me grace, which was inspired by the fact that I broke the news to him while standing in the Easter candy aisle at Hy-Vee and promptly let him know he could pick out anything he wanted. A Cadburry egg made everything okay again.Mother of the Year award, right here.

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