Yesterday after we bought Devan a new bike I decided to make the outing a bit more special by stopping by Taco Beuno for lunch. Which was stupid as can be, he had barely said a word the entire morning and we hadn’t gone to church due to the fact that we all weren’t feeling that great. Tacos and spicy salsa aren’t really the thing when you don’t feel well. I got to witness Devan throw up for the first time in his young life and I won’t go in to details, but it was gross and I panicked. How do you clean up after that when you are in public? Again, I won’t go into details but yuck. I really wasn’t feeling so hot after that incident but wasn’t sure if it was what I witnessed/cleaned up or if I had a bug too. On the way home I told Devan that now that he knew what it felt like to be nauseous, the next time it happens he should try to vomit in a bucket, or toilet, or hardwood floor. Not in bed, on carpets, etc. So during his nap, he apparently woke up and threw up in a bucket, and then went the the bathroom and threw up in the toilet, and then went back to bed and finished his nap. What toddler does that??

He is feeling better today, I am feeling horrid. I debating going to work but it is a good thing I didn’t because I just awoke from a 3 hour nap, following the 2 hour nap I took after everyone left for the morning. And I feel crummy enough that I am going to write this post and go right back to sleep. I’ve decided that as far as sick days go, this is as good as any. It’s cold, snowy, there are no pressing deadlines, and the kids are safely and happily at daycare. It’s too bad it is costing us $70 and I will be earning nothing today, but that is life, right? I think once you become a parent you use all of your sick days for you kids, if you are lucky enough to have them. So I am just going to consider this a huge luxury to be able to sleep this off in peace, even if it does cause some negative cash flow. (There goes my fabric buying binge this month.)

There is no point, I’m just complaining.

And to finish this out, I wanted to share a picture of the kids. This was a few weeks ago before church, they looked so adorable in their outfits that I wanted a quick picture. This is the picture I would want to post on Facebook, after using Photoshop to trim, adjust levels and vanquish the running noses:

And this is the REAL mood of the photo-shoot:

I love those little boogers.

And now, back to bed.


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  1. Sophia had a stomach bug earlier last week. I didn't believe her when she said she was going to throw up. She did. I felt bad.Hope you all are feeling better. And can I say how jealous I am of you sleeping with snow and no kids? Even if you don't feel good it sounds glorious!

  2. Once I got to the pictures of the kids, I had to go back and remind myself why you called it "germs." They're so cute – made me forget about all the sickness you've been dealing with. 🙂

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