What Happened Next


To follow up on the candy-eating story, I’ll have you know that Devan forgave me. I confessed to him and asked his forgiveness as we stood in the Easter Candy aisle at Hy-Vee, quickly letting him know that he could pick out ANYTHING he wanted to make up for it. I’m a good Mom, yes? So with that incident resolved and behind us and completely in the past, I moved on.

Devan has not moved on. Today, in the car, on our way to get him a new bicycle, I asked him if he was excited to be getting a new bike!!!! and he murmured something and then out of nowhere said “The next time you want some candy, you need to wait until Valentine’s Day.” I told him that’s a long way off and maybe he could just share some of his candy. He said I should eat my own treats and not take his. I reminded him that this issue has already been neatly resolved and is now in the past and does not bear mentioning again (something to that effect) and he said this, verbatim:

“You don’t need to get upset, I’m just having a little talk with you.” Then, quieter: “It’s not nice to take people’s treats without asking first…. So, now you know not to do that, okay?” I said okay, glad he couldn’t see my face as I tried not to crack up and then I heard him say “I hope you don’t do that again, now you know better.”

I’ve been put in my place by my three year old.

It probably won’t be the last time.


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  1. That's hilarious. I agree with Devan, it doesn't sound like you were nice, hopefully you have learned your lesson.Speaking of not being nice, you went to get him a new bike and I wasn't consulted! I realize you would probably ignore my advice, but still, I'm a little disappointed.

  2. We bought him the only 14" bike available in the entire metro. You may not approve, but there wasn't any choice to be had. It's neon green and blue and ugly as sin, but he loves it.

  3. Well the most important part is that he likes it, but you are still in trouble. That's like me buying a tree without asking your opinion. They might be hard to find, but they are out there. I would be shocked if there aren't at least 4 different models in KC if you know where to look, or know who to ask. Plus used ones, if you're lucky enough to know someone who knows what to look for. Not that you know anyone like that.

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