3.5 Years


My little boy is three and a half today. And normally, I wouldn’t write a post for that but I’ve been reading back through my archives to remind myself what will be coming next with Leah and I am really bummed by my lack of “ages and stages” posts. I guess I didn’t want to seem like I was either comparing my kid to others or boring you with too many stats. But now I completely can not remember anything, so sorry if this bores you but you are going to be hearing a lot more about the kiddos from here on out. I’ve got a book to think about! Anyways, Devan..

Devan is a wonderful, complex, intelligent and sensitive little boy. He talks like an adult and we have the funniest conversations. He has my temper for sure, and I predict that when he gets older we will either be oil and water or closer than ever because we understand each other. He tells me he loves me all the time, he requests to cuddle with me before we read a bedtime story, and he always tries to find something to cheer me up when I’m tired or grouchy.

He LOVES his sister and I hope that never changes. Numerous times I’ve heard him coo this to her: “You’re so cute itty bitty Wee-ah!!” I think he picked that up at daycare.

Devan loves to be outside, and that warms my heart. Half the fun is riding his bike and half the fun is socializing with our retired neighbors who all seem to think he is a hoot. He has no filter though and sometimes I am scared to death of what might pop out of his mouth.

Just like Calvin had Hobbes, Devan has Bear. Bear keeps Devan safe at night, tells Devan lots of incorrect facts (people make thunderstorms happen), instigates plenty of trouble (Bear likes to hit), and is oftentimes the benefactor of Devan’s loving care. Bear got sick last week and threw up and Devan got him a bucket and a glass of water to rinse his mouth out and lots of healthy foods. Bear’s mother has recently appeared on the scene and wouldn’t you know, she is about to have a baby sister bear come out of her tummy. No word yet on baby sister bear’s name, but I have my guesses. Bee-ah? Dee-ah? Ree-ah? We’ll know soon, I’m sure. It is fun to watch his imagination blossom and I think that we will hear more and more about Bear as the year goes on.

There are frustrating things too: he is the world’s best white noise generator. And maybe it isn’t “white noise” as much as it is just NOISE. Annoying, incessant noise and sound effects and made up words that sound strikingly similar to naughty words that he most certainly did not hear at home. I like things calm and quiet at home, and 3.5 year old boys are not calm and quiet creatures. At least this one isn’t.

There is more that drives me crazy but at least right now, none of that seems important. Probably because he isn’t home right now and I haven’t witnessed a tantrum in at least 8 hours. It’s funny how quickly one’s perspective on life and parenting can flip so instantaneously with the onset of a tantrum.

But no matter how drained or burned out or frustrated I feel, I also love this boy deeply and with all my being. Sometimes it overwhelms me and I am amazed that my capacity to love my children has continued to grow as they grow. It makes me wonder how I will survive the stage in life when that all starts to change, when he no longer depends on me, or even likes me and when he thinks everything I say is total crap. When I think about that, I’m okay with this stage.

I could conclude this post with a pile of cliches, because they are all true and I love to use cheesy cliches but I will limit myself to just this one: What a great ride this has been, and I can hardly wait to see what is next. (Okay, that’s two cliches. But still, both are very true.)


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