We Survived Vacation


I think that’s the best way to put it.

Visiting Silver Dollar City with a windchill in the upper 20’s and a 9 month old was not my idea of a fun time. And, given my current state of physical misery, lots and lots of walking is NOT what the doctor ordered. And, two nights in a row, massive thunderstorms rolled through ALL NIGHT LONG. And, I had a huge hangover Saturday morning, and woke up on the wrong side of the bed today and succeeded in making everyone else grumpy too. And, Devan is at the age where he likes to mindlessly repeat gibberish over and over and over and over, making even the shortest of car rides completely annoying and driving me to near insanity on the way home.

For what was supposed to be a quick, no-brainer mini trip, I think Craig and I are both worn out.

This validates my fear of trying to take a “real” vacation with the kids, “real” defined by boarding an airplane or driving more than 4 hours. Not gonna happen.

I managed to catch Leah during the 2.5 seconds out of the entire day that she was smiling.

Devan snapped this picture of Craig and I. Can you see that I am wearing 3 jackets? And there is a kid behind me with none??

Devan and Craig were able to ride the roller coaster once the temperatures finally reached a balmy 42 degrees.

There were some really great things that made it worthwhile: Devan for one had an amazing time, we got to catch up with old friends and finally meet each others kiddos, and our lodge was fantastic. So all in all, it was worth doing. And now, I’m going to go to bed. Vacations with kids are exhausting.

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