Need a laugh??


I guarantee you will laugh out loud, I sure did. 

Devan has really been into construction paper lately.  And scissors. (Side note: It’s not a great idea to assume that just because your kid has never painted the walls or covered the kitchen floor in flour that he can be trusted with scissors.  He can tell you all about waste water treatment plants, but apparently did not realize one should not destroy a library book by cutting the cover into a million tiny little pieces.  Parenting Fail #4, right there.)

Long side note.  Anyways, what do you get when you mix:

a. Construction Paper
b. Scissors
c. Glue Stick
d. Devan’s pre-schooler imagination AND
e. a large unsupervised block of time?

Blog readers, please meet…

Mr. Penis Man!!!

Entirely Devan’s creation, he did his own cutting, gluing, and naming.  I’m an incredibly proud mom right now.


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  1. gotta share this with all the preschool staff I work with-I can honestly say in my 25 years of teaching I have NEVER had a child create 'penis' people! mommamarj

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