Done, and Done! (Quilt #15)


First of all, remember when I mentioned that I was going to do another challenge quilt for the KC Modern Quilt Guild? No? Perhaps I didn’t, my mom-brain is fried these days.

When I first heard about the challenge I thought that I should definitely do it, since I have so much free time these days.  We all generously received a free charm park (40 5″ squares for the non-quilters out there) of Robert Kaufman Kona solids and were told to go make a quilt using ALL of the colors in the charm pack, plus whatever solids we would like to add. I chose the ‘Bright’ colorway.

I waited until the last minute, decided to make a St. Patrick’s Day quilt, and googled an easy pinwheel pattern from the Moda Bakeshop.  I ordered a handful of various Kona greens to finish out the quilt top and for the binding. Not surprisingly, I did NOT finish my quilt in time for the challenge (or St, Patrick’s Day, for that matter).  However, I got a second chance when I heard a group picture would be taken at this months meeting.  I was struck with inspiration and basted, quilted, and bound this sucker in one night.  Done!

And here it is with legs…

And to follow the rules and use all of my colors, I added pinwheels to the back.  (Totally Craig’s idea, I won’t lie.)  I still need to sew on the button centers and I will do that here shortly, someday, maybe.

I love the blue I chose for the back, Kona ‘Lake’.  I’m pleased with the composition and the colors, but that tends to be my quilt-making strength in my own humble opinion.  I was bitterly disappointed in the craftsmanship but I suppose when you aim to finish it is one evening it’s probably not going to be a masterpiece.  Next time, it will be better.  (A new machine wouldn’t hurt either, ahem.)

One more timely finish.  Remember, oh, last YEAR when I mentioned I was making pillows for Leah’s nursery?  I waited so long because I was intimidated by making my own cording and zippered back.  And rightly so, it was a total pain. And I even skipped the zippered back.  Guys, I really don’t know how to sew, I just fake it ’till I make it.  I need some lessons, pronto. But? It’s done.  And now it can gather dust in her nursery with all of the her other cute pillows.

Onward and upward!  More to come, one of these days.


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