The lack of self control


First of all, you all will make me sad if you don’t want to read my book.  Don’t be so shy, I promise I won’t make you write a book report or anything.  Great stories so far, I’m glad some of you like the great outdoors. Ahem.

A few weeks ago I sorted and cleaned up my guest room/sewing room and organized my fabrics.  And when I sorted through the stacks and stacks of gorgeous fabric and placed them into my tubs I started to feel guilty that I had so much and I’m not getting around to using it.  And I decided I needed to stop buying new fabric and start using what I had first.

That feeling lasted for all of one week. Maybe not even that.

A few weeks ago, I ordered a yard of Inncoent Crush fabric online for $6/yard to make Leah a sundress.  When this line first came out, I HATED it and I only bought this particular fabric because it was on sale and I thought it would make a nice dress.  Then when I saw the fabric, I started to like it.  Then I started to think about it while at work.  Then I noticed that the fabric was getting harder to find online.  Then I obsessed over it. And then decided I HAD to have it.  All in the span of 48 hours.

And less than 48 hours after that I had two packages on my doorstep, full of Innocent Crush plus a stack of Hope Valley that I ordered in the wrong colorway.  So I kept it and ordered another stack.  See how this is going?

And I would stop there, but I can’t.  Because I saw that there is a new collection called “Celebrate Seuss!” and I want to make Devan a quilt out of that because he LOVES Cat in the Hat.  Honestly, if I were to make Devan the quilt he really wanted, it would have character prints of The Cat in the Hat, and Spongebob, and Dora, Buzz Lightyear, Lightning McQueen of course, and probably Thomas the Train and Bob the Builder for good measure.  It would be hideous and I coudln’t bring myself to do it, it would go against every design sensibility I have. But man, would he love something like that.  Seuss prints, I can live with that.  Some nice solid blocks with a small fussy cut of Fish, or Thing One and Thing Two?  I can work with that.

I just need to order another $45 fabric stack and I’ll be all set.  For real.  Until next week.

And now, just because I only have a handful of posts labeled “Leah” and that is embarassing, here is a picture of Leah that has nothing to do with anything except for that she is cute with her itty bitty teeth and now I can tag this “Leah” and help her catch up to Devan’s tally.

Now, go enter my book giveaway, darn it.

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