Winners are #5, Stephanie and #3, Jo.  I used, trust me, I’m just too lazy to copy clip it over here. I would like to just send all five of you the book, but Craig would have a cow.  He wanted to enter the contest himself so that if he won he could save money.  True story.

I loved your stories and it made me ready for summer. Bring on the sun, it’s time to head outside!


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  1. Yay! Go me! This is like the second thing I've ever won in my life and the other was a cake in a cake walk in elementary school that I won vicariously through my brother because I was sick and couldn't go to the carnival. So I guess I'm saying: awesome. and thanks! (and maybe stick your tongue out at Craig for me 🙂 )

  2. Until last year when I won a quilt book from a flickr giveaway, my only win was a ugly country style shower curtian (blue with a gigantic applique duck) from a school raffle when I was in 3rd grade. Craig and his roommate ended up using it in their college apartment so I guess it all worked out. Hope you like the book!

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