10 months


Leah turned 10 months old this weekend.  Which means that she is less than 2 months away from being one.  Two months left of babyhood and then she will be an official little person.  We all know how crazy the first year is, but it seems to me like the last two months are when the changes will come fast and furious.

Leah is finally crawling, though she still requires motivation (food) and is quite content to be held or to sit and observe the action.  We’ve been joking that she makes crawling look hard. She is definitely not a physical baby and does not see the need to put forth any amount of extra exertion. 

She loves Devan, is terrified of our rabbits, and cries huge ‘ol crocodile tears every time Mommy or Daddy steps out of sight. She is delightfully chunky and has the softest brown hair and biggest blue eyes. She likes to point, waves hi and bye (backwards to herself), says “Da da” for Craig and  “plbbbbbbbbbbbb” for Mom.

She quickly learned the sign for “Milk” and has completely ignored our efforts to teach her any other baby signs. She has created her own communication system that is comprised of gestures, grunts, and the grossest gutteral sounds that would make you swear you were listening to a 90 year old german man.  She’s too cute for those sounds.

She has four teeth, and an adorable little toothy grin.

She is spoiled rotten with Love. My cute chunky little baby, growing up way too fast.


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