Weekend Shorts


The weekend started off wonderfully with a trip to the zoo with the Comers.  Jamie and Devan always have a good time together and I have a feeling that Elaine and Leah will be buddies as well. The zoo was a complete zoo due to field trip season and the fact that every single mom in Kansas City had the same plan we did but in this instance, the fact that the zoo is incredibly spread out was a very good thing.  Also, I’m realizing why parents put their children on leashes.  Not that I would.  But I know why some do. And I forgot my camera.  But Devan took his camera.  Which is our old digital camera. Which means it is 500% nicer than a 3.5 year old should have.  (He dropped it multiple times.)

That evening, I went to a Royals game with my friend Erica and we lucked into great seats for $10.  It was such a treat to have a break from my motherly duties for a night and it was a beautiful evening.  The only thing that would have made it better was if they sold gluten free beer at the stadium.  Instead, I made do with buck night cokes.  I think I need to make a point to do something fun like that at least once a month, it’s a must for my mental health!

Then, Saturday happened.  Leah and I have been sick with colds and I woke up feeling miserable and admittedly, a touch grouchy.  And Devan was in rare form, which was not a good thing.  I totally lost my cool with him three (four? five?) times and it seems like he sat in time-out half of the day.  We put him to bed (very) early and wondered to ourselves how in the world we managed to get through it and how in the world can this little person that you love so much make a day so miserable?? Thankfully, those days don’t happen too often.

Then the day repeated itself today. Thankfully my mom visited for the afternoon and lent an extra hand and then in the evening I did what any exhausted and besieged parent would do- I put in a movie and made french fries for dinner.  Sometimes, surrender feels incredibly great.

And finally, a little story about Leah that makes me smile. At five months, she developed the habit of blowing raspberries while eating her food and therefore showering us with food and spit.  Craig started wiping her tongue with a wet washcloth every time she started spitting. She doesn’t spit anymore but I have noticed that now when she is done eating and I go to wipe her face off, she helpfully sticks her tongue out for me, every time.

Also, every time I’ve coughed this weekend, Leah fake coughs too.  If she weren’t 10 months old, I would think she was making fun of me. Since she is 10 months old, it’s pretty darn cute.


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  1. That's hilarious! A couple months ago Wes was fake coughing too! It's amazing to me how much he picks up from our mannerisms. And let me just say that both Ryan and I are looking forward to the days when putting him to bed early is actually easier than dealing with the rare forms this child sometimes appears in. We've entered into knowing what it means to throw a fit. Thanks for the reminder that we're not alone! Oh and my mom always said we could eat whatever we wanted on Sunday night – even just french fries!

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